2014 ХІ International Conference Black Sea Grain: EXPANDING HORIZONS

April 9-10, 2014
InterContinental Hotel

“Black Sea Grain” Conference – is an international platform aimed at discussion of the global trends in the world agricultural market, exchange of progressive initiatives and establishment of international cooperation.

UAB "Eksma Trade" representatives will be visiting the event.

“Black Sea Grain” Conference – is the largest regional forum for participants of grain and oilseed markets.

Focus of the ХІ International Conference “Black Sea Grain: Expanding Horizons”:

* Over the last years global grain market is influenced by the growing demand from developing countries for food and especially for feed grain. On the one hand, this trend is caused by increase in the world's population, and on the other hand - by the rise in per capita income.
* Further development of the grain market in the medium term will be directly linked to the global macro-economic and demographic trends.
* In many ways, the situation on the world grain market will be determined by the following factors:
* Growth in the economies of countries such as China, Russia, Brazil and India;
* Growth of the world population (Asian countries in particular);
Higher production of the main types of crops (due to the use of new technologies);
* In this regard, discussion of Black Sea region’s role in grain export and ensuring global food security is essential and highly topical.

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