Impeccable Reputation

UAB "Eksma Trade" specializes in supplying of ingredients, additives and raw materials, which are used in the animal feed and human food industries. It has been growing since its establishment to include suppliers from around the world. We are restlessly investing our time and efforts in developing new relationships with selected factories producers and customers in related industries.
Apart from offering a wide range of cost effective products, our highly professional personnel have good knowledge in ISO, GMP and HACCP standards, and can thereby ensure consistent quality and reliability for every product. To protect our business from financial gravity and markets' volatility, we consistently using hedging which is a useful tool in mitigating financial risks.

We trade with:

  • Europe
  • CIS
  • Asia
Quality, customer trust and full satisfaction, timely delivery and after sales
services are the fundamentals of our success.

As an enterprise, we exist in a unique environment that embraces changes, innovations and respect to the individual, so with every customer or supplier we try to establish long-term relationships that make a positive difference in their lives and in our own.
Sergej Bakanov,
Eksma Trade
Our focus is always to take something very complex and unpredictable and turn it into a simple and cost-efficient solution for our customers.
Galina Lušpinienė,
Head Logistics,
Eksma Trade
Please contact us if you are looking for a trustworthy source of any food or feed ingredients.
Each of your inquiries will be highly respected and receiving a quick response.
We always strive to deliver well-accepted products and services every single time.

We always strive to deliver well-accepted products and services every single time.
ABSOLUTE compliance with GAFTA and FOSFA terms and regulations.